Toronto Travel Guide

Welcome to our online Toronto travel guide! Toronto is an excellent travel destination and there are plenty of things which tourists and visitors can do during their stay in Toronto, Canada. We wish you a very pleasant stay in Toronto!

Toronto is located in Ontario and is not only the largest city in Canada but is also the financial capital of Canada. Toronto is located along the shore of Lake Ontario. Toronto is one of the main tourist and business travel destinations of Canada and is one of the largest cities in North America.

The Toronto travel guide includes accurate and up to date Toronto related travel information and is ideal for travelers planning their very first trip to Toronto. The various different chapters which are included in our Toronto travel guide can be found down below.

Toronto Attractions

If you are planning to visit Toronto then you can rest assured that you will not get bored as there are many wonderful and interesting Toronto attractions which you can go and visit during your stay in Toronto.

Read more about the most popular attractions in Toronto in the Toronto travel guide chapter on Toronto attractions.

Toronto Hotels

Travelers can select from a wide range of outstanding Toronto hotels and most international hotel management companies either own or manage a hotel in Toronto.

For the latest reviews on hotels in Toronto please visit our Toronto hotels section of our Toronto travel guide.

Toronto Nightlife

Toronto nightlife is pretty wild and clubbers and party animals will certainly have a great time during their stay in Toronto.

If you would like to go clubbing in Toronto then be sure to visit our Toronto nightlife section which includes reviews on the best Toronto clubs.

Toronto Restaurants

Toronto is blessed with a number of excellent restaurants including a number of really wonderful Italian and Asian restaurants.

Travelers planning their next trip to Toronto should definitely check out the Toronto travel guide chapter on Toronto restaurants.

Toronto Shopping

Canada is one of the best countries in the world for shopping and Toronto is of the leading cities in Canada when it comes to shopping. Toronto has a large number of excellent shopping venues.

Please visit the Toronto shopping chapter of our Toronto travel guide for information on the best places to go shopping in Toronto.

Moving To Toronto

Toronto is an exciting place to live, it has lots of attractions, great restaurants and sites to see. It is culturally diverse, and filled with lots off friendly people.

If you have made a decision to move to Toronto from a different city, you can always find long distance moving companies in Canada to help you make the transition. You can decide between the quiet neighborhoods to the more lively always alive streets of downtown. You can choose to move by the lake or deeper within the city, its all about your choice and Toronto has enough diversity to cater to any of your needs.